巨鑫机床于2005年成立于浙江 · 温岭,公司专注于专用数控机床研发制造,并成功研发了多系列轴铣端面打中心孔机床、数控轴盘类立式车床、立式及卧式深孔钻、U钻等多系列各种专用机床及智能自动化联线,其中拥有四十多项创新技术专利,得到十多家国际前十强企业高度认可使用,同时被西门子列入国际供应商采购平台,深受广大客户好评。

     Established in Wenling city of Zhejiang Province in 2005, Juxin Machine Tools Co., LTD. is specialized in the R&D and the manufacturing of the special CNC machine tools. Juxin has successfully developed a series of special-purpose machine tools and intelligent automation lines, such as multi-axis end face drilling machine tools, CNC shaft and disc vertical lathes, vertical & horizontal deep hole drilling machine tools and U-drills. With more than 40 innovative technological patents, we gain recognitions from more than 10 top multinational enterprises around the world and are ranked as one of the high-quality international suppliers by Siemens. We provide high quality services, which is important for us to gain high recognitions from our customers. 


     Focusing on the research and manufacturing of special-purpose machine tools, Juxin has been adhering to the concepts of efficient, accurate, safe and stable manufacturing to meet customers’ needs and requirements. We research the market and new issues in the industry in the process of developing and manufacturing machine tools in order to understand customers’ changing requirements and provide high-performance machine tools in the market. 


     In 2016, Juxin became a member of the Central Hole Machine Tool Association to draft industry standards and was awarded as the Standard Pilot Enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China.In 2019, it will become the main drafting unit of the national central hole standard.


     Juxin’s philosophy: following market trends; designing and manufacturing first-class machine tools for customers.